Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keith's Beard Project

Keith Pecor and his wife, Stephanie, are very dear friends of ours. I try to support Keith in all his endeavors - after all, he was my husband's office mate during their years at the University of Michigan and that meant Keith often fielded phone calls from me regarding my husband's schedule. It's been nearly 6 years since they both finished their doctorates and I finally have a chance to give Keith the thank you he deserves...

Keith is growing a beard of biblical proportions and I am paying the ASPCA $1 for every week Keith doesn't shave (his face).

Yep, when Keith posted of his beard project I offered up the encouragement of giving $1 a week to the charity of his choice. Keith was game (another reason I like him, he's up for these kinds of things). Keith chose the ASPCA, a favorite of mine:

The date of Keith's last shave was December 13, 2010 - so I already owe the ASPCA $10. I am hoping to send a donation for $52 by December 13, 2011....or more beyond!

I highly encourage others to get on board - grow a beard or donate money, whichever will cause you less damage in life. My hope is that Keith will offer up some insights into the world of being bearded - do people treat him differently? Does it make the summer months unbearable? Will he braid the beard? Stay tuned....


  1. Braids and some colorful beads for special occasions :)
    Actually, the fella looks quite handsome with the beard & 'stache :)

  2. Yes, I think if Keith is willing to add some bling to the beard I would be willing to add a few more $ to the donation. Hmmmm, this might be more fun than I originally thought. Thanks for the suggestions, Margaret!