Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Antithesis of the OTHER Blog

I have another blog: dedicated to finding something for which to be happy about every single day. It's a nice little blog and was started because I found myself wallowing in self-pity and needing an attitude adjustment. A professor's words from 20 years ago came to mind, "If you're not happy, fake it and soon you will be." The blog was born and it has given me pause each day to embrace happiness. Yay!

The truth is though, right now I am about as miserable as I've been in a really long time. I want to throw the mother temper tantrums of all time, a temper tantrum that causes a two-year old to pause and give me an approving nod, a temper tantrum that is so inappropriate it will garner me a spot in time-out until the *bleeping* sun comes out! I'll go there with my trashy magazines, memoirs written by film stars, movies starring Steve Carell and a pot of coffee. I'll mutter about the horrors of living in Michigan in winter, the soggy socks, the biting cold and the lack of varied topography (actually, the last one is Steve's gripe, but I'm stealing it). I'll stew and pout and make faces at anyone who even remotely appears to be happy - because how can anyone be happy in this climate?!

Whew, ok, that just made me feel a LOT better. There was no stomping, no voice raising, I didn't even use the bad words that were yelling in my head, I just simply expressed my dissatisfaction. Now the trick is for all of you reading this to take it for what it is - dissatisfaction with Michigan in this moment. I do not hate Michigan, I do not even hate winter as a season - I just hate it right now. In five minutes I might love it - probably not, because it will still be winter, but who knows.

I am now going to watch High School Musical 2 with my most favorite 11-year old and lose myself in the perfectly choreographed moves that can only take place in a cafeteria to make any sense whatsoever! Ha to you, Michigan winter, you cannot defeat me!!


  1. Dang it, Heather! I'm sorry about your gray winter. I'm wishing you were here or I were there, if only for a day. It's been freezing cold here, but the sun is out, and that makes a huge difference. And if you were here... well, that would be a double shot of sunshine.

  2. I remember many days in January and February when all of a sudden the sun would pop out from behind the clouds. Everything else had to stop because I was going to stand still, raise my face and bask in that tiny bit of sunshine until it decided to hide itself again. Now those were sustaining moments in winter :)

  3. I believe you have contracted 'cabin fever'. You are taking evasive action by watching HSM2 and I predict you will recover. (Sent from Gulf Shores, Alabama where it is 38 degrees but there is no snow.)

  4. It's okay to gripe sometimes. :) Winter gets to all of us I think.

    I liked your comment on my blog. Thank you!! I think that sometimes as Americans we forget how lucky we really are. I own this condo, and yeah it might be small, but we aren't paying rent and we like it. So what if we have 5 people crowded in here. :)