Thursday, November 4, 2010

Planning versus Reality

I know it takes time to adjust to a move and I keep telling myself that in 3 years I'll feel like Jackson is home, or will at least feel familiar with it enough to not long for the familiarity of Logan. This line of thinking also made me realize that:

  • 6 months ago I never would've guessed I'd live in a subdivision
  • 1 year ago I did not imagine residing in Michigan again
  • 5 years ago I didn't think we'd actually live in Logan, UT again - and love it!
  • 6 years ago I did not know I would count Texas as a place I resided (what's up with these conservative states?!)
  • 10 years ago I thought by this point I would have another child
  • 15 years ago I didn't know that we would live in Ann Arbor and I would get to parent an amazing daughter
  • 20 years ago I was a senior in high school, determined to enter the Peace Corps and teach high school English with a passing thought to a possible marriage and family
So although I am trying to comfort myself with the idea that in 3 years I'll feel comfortable with our residence, I have to realize that I really have a limited idea of what is in store.


  1. It certainly is amazing what life has in store for us. Some of the decisions we make are risk-based, and others are more conservative. I would have never guessed I'd live in the south!

  2. A great reminder to us all that we must live in the moment - you really never know what is next. Be present.

  3. You may not know what what life has in store but you KNOW you have the life skills to make the most of what it throws at you :)

  4. Great post, Heather. I think about this a LOT! Never ever thought I would live in California, or a huge city of any kind. Now my kids can't imagine living anywhere else. Also never thought I would have a baby girl. :0

    As soon as I start feeling comfortable and make a plan, that's when things start changing on me! I can't imagine who I would be if things had gone the way I imagined 20 years ago. Yikes!--who was that person? ;)