Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bits & Pieces

I really have nothing flowing from my brain that I can put into a coherent and flowing post, but there are things circling and burbling:

  • a conversation with my 90+-year old friend who talked of feeling isolated and the realization that many of us feel isolated, which goes along with...
  • a conversation with my neighbor from Kenya about how people are happier in Kenya than the U.S. because of a stronger sense of community
  • an observation that people with the liberal peace, love and happiness bumper stickers often seem the most aloof
  • a realization that I need to read more classics after seeing the BBC Greatest 100 Books of All Time list again
  • a hope Sophie likes her volunteer gig at the nature center and remembering my first volunteer stint and how I messed up a piano piece I played at a nursing home when I was 10, but was told it was quite beautiful and then realized that doing service is awesome, because it does not have to be perfect
  • a desire to see the movies 127 Hours and Harry Potter
  • an excitement over meeting someone today I've not met in person yet, but with whom I've befriended on Facebook
  • an acknowledgment of my method of procrastination through blogging, since I really should be running right now

1 comment:

  1. At least your method of procrastination still leads to some sort of productive output. Sitting on the couch only makes a dent in the cushion ;)