Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Fun on the Cheap

I have decided that this summer will be the summer without camp. I'm straining my brain right now to remember if Soph took part in a camp every summer in Logan and I think she did not. Last year was definitely the camp to remember, Harry Potter Camp, and if we were in Logan right now she would definitely be doing that one again. She also did an excellent camp in Texas, Creepy Crawlies, in which the instructor brought dead animal parts for the scavenger hunt (not to perpetuate any Texas stereotypes, but roadkill seems to be huge out there...).

We were going to sign Soph up for a camp at the local nature center, but when she seemed less than enthusiastic about it, possibly due to the 8:30 a.m. start time, I decided to skip it. I'll take Soph to the nature center and peruse some web sites for cool crafts we can do. We'll invite friends over for unstructured fun. We'll hit the lakes when it's super hot. We'll try to save some money by not signing up for camp.

What's everyone else doing with their kids this summer? Do both parents work? Is one home, but still looking for something to keep the kids occupied? I'm all for summer camp and Soph has always loved it, but this year we're going to skip it and just go with the unstructured flow.


  1. We'll be sending Brynne to camp, her annual Korean culture camp, which she loves. It's for only one week in August, and if it wasn't so important to her, we'd be skipping it this year, too. But between now and then, I am not sure what we'll be doing! It's the four year old's entertainment that concerns me more. I will have to get creative...

  2. My kids were always stay @ home kids up until the time Cathy won a scholarship for a week @ Alabama's Space Camp. Then Steve and I scrambled to get her twins admission paid...(yes, things have to be equal and split down the middle when there are twins AND one would NOT go without the other!) Seeing how happy they were on their return made me wistful that we couldn't afford other getaways for them. But then again we had family trips together that they have some fond memories of...and not so fond (bees, vomiting on merry-go-rounds, rain for a whole trip, sleeping in tents) that are just now becoming fodder for the "remember when?" stories of today.