Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Favorite Things

Walking around, and outside, my house this morning, I stumbled upon a few of my favorite things:

1) I just received these flowers for my birthday yesterday. I absolutely love flowers! I am horrible at maintaining them, so I will appreciate these while they last. The best thing about them was the enthusiasm in which they were given.

2) Sophie's daisy boots! She wanted a different pair of boots, but they didn't have them in her size so she settled for these. I love them! Daisies are my favorite flower and to me, rain boots just signify a good time splashing in puddles, wading in water, getting messy!

3) This is a batik Sophie did in an art class with my good friend, Brooke (also responsible for favorite thing #4). Sophie loves snakes and many of her pictures have snakes in them. This piece won Honorable Mention in an art show in Utah as well.

4) Brooke (see #3), made this doll and it's just lovely. Handmade things are the best!

What are some of your favorite things in your home?

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh, I'm so honored! Thank you, Miss Heather! YOU are one of my favorite things. But other than that... I like polka dot socks and comfy jeans. I like my souvenir cup from Wicked- drinks taste better in it. I like Harper's room- it is filled with cool stuff, like a gazillion paper cranes I bought from you and the students at Adams Elementary! xxoo