Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Would Jesus Be Insured?

Someone on Facebook posted a clip from the GOP Tea Party Debate, specifically Ron Paul's response to the question, "Who pays for the uninsured, when faced with health issues, in our country?" The person who posted it was concerned with the cheering that occurred when it was proposed that the congressman was saying the patient should just die. The cheering came from members of the audience, not the congressman himself, but his response did cause me to question something:

Ron Paul spoke of working in San Antonio (a city in which I lived, though only a year), and the fact that nearby churches often helped those in need. This seems like a great thing, but I wonder why it is that so many people who are willing to give money to their churches are unwilling to give money to help everyone in their country.

I understand that by giving to one's church, people feel they have a say in where their money is distributed. I also understand that the money goes toward pastors' salaries, church building upkeep, etc. I know that many churches house wonderful programs to benefit all members of their communities: free meals, shelters, clothing programs, meetings for those with addictions and more. These are great things.

What I don't understand is why the resistance to give to programs that can help all members of our society, regardless of religious affiliation? How can we not want all persons to receive health care? How can we not understand that not every person is born under equal circumstances? Ok, what I really find baffling (so please explain it to me) is having a belief in Jesus Christ as the savior, but feeling only certain people should be allowed access to adequate care. If Jesus lived today, he would probably be uninsured and told to stop being so darn lazy and spend less time philosophizing and more time actually working!

So go ahead and give to your church, choose where some of your money goes, but also give to your society so that all persons may be taken care of, because I'm pretty sure that's what the message of Jesus Christ was all about.


  1. A well-balanced and well-reasoned response, Heather. I whole-heartedly agree with you.

  2. I agree with you completely Heather. I have always felt that health care in the US is a DEEP injustice. Everyone should be able to have equal health care. You should never be afraid to go to the hospital because you don't want to pay the bill. It's terrible.

    I have NO idea how to fix it though. The nature of the world is such today that doctors must have REALLY good insurance to protect themselves from malpractice suits. This in turn drives health care prices up all over the place. It's an ugly cycle that we have created and in some ways I think we are powerless to stop. And THAT is just ONE of the MANY things wrong with the health care system.