Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Prequel - Already

I have to interject here - I forgot to write about my experience with the LDS missionaries within my first few months in Utah, back in 1991 - when I was a feisty 18-year old:

First, I was very excited about living in an area with a lot of Mormons, because from the commercials I saw before leaving Pennsylvania and from what I read, I thought we'd have a lot in common. At that time I did not drink (unlike a lot of my peers) and I loved doing volunteer work. I thought for sure the Mormons and I would live it up together, drinking our sparkling, non-alcoholic beverages and playing really cool card games (didn't know about the face card bit..). I was also a bit of a punk rocker, had my head partially shaved, wore a lot of tank tops and realized later that my appearance wasn't going to get me invited to a lot of home evenings (those of you in Utah know what I mean...). Bummer. It seemed in 1991 there really weren't a lot of punk rock Mormons hanging out in Logan, Utah.

In 1991 I really didn't know much about the Mormon Church, so when the missionaries came knocking on my door, I was so excited to learn more! I had already made a few friends and one in particular warned me about having the missionaries come, saying he felt he should be there when he did, but no, I wanted to meet with them all on my own...and I did.

Short version: I spent only 3 or 4 weeks with the missionaries, but felt discouraged when I kept asking the missionaries questions starting with, "What do you think about..." and their response was, "Let me check with my bishop." I would say, "No, no, just tell me what you think about..." and they wouldn't answer. Again, I really had very little knowledge of the religion at the time, so I wasn't trying to stump them, I was just 18 and trying to think through my own religious upbringing and asking them to do the same. When they wouldn't answer off the cuff, I got discouraged. I didn't want scripted answers, I wanted their gut reactions!

So that's it...my first visit with the LDS missionaries. I know now I shouldn't judge the whole church based on that experience, but I do become skeptical when people have not thought through - for themselves - the tough issues.

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