Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pet Peeve

Last night at an event I told someone of our moves and how we just arrived back in Michigan after living in Texas and Utah. Her response was, "Aren't you glad to be back in Michigan?" I shrugged and said it was ok. She commented on how she could not live in Texas and then I pointed out that Utah is beautiful and she agreed. Here's what gets me....I inquired of her places of residence and there was nothing outside of Michigan.

This bugs me, because if you haven't lived anywhere BUT Michigan, how can you be so certain it is that great? We use to get this in Texas, people saying how happy we must be to live there and my thought was, "Really? You think TEXAS is all that??"

You know why I probably liked Utah so much? People actually realized it was not the end-all be-all of the universe and when I said we lived in other places, people wanted to hear about those other places. I am sure living in one place one's whole life has some great aspects to it, but it does not give a person the authority to compare it to living in other places.


  1. Oh Darling Heather,
    I too agree, people are so self-centered and shortsighted. I enjoy hearing about others adventures, likes and dislikes. Moreover I love to think of the significance of the time in ones life and the trials and the history of the area.

    I loved living in Georgia, but I hated it too. Home is truely where the heart is.

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  3. When we moved to Connecticut and I got my drivers license it cost $75 each. We had just moved from Ohio where our licenses cost $15 each. I asked why it was so different and he said... It's the cost of the privilege to live in Connecticut. That started out my dislike of Connecticut. That was just the attitude. If you weren't born and raised in Connecticut you were not going to fit in. That was my experience. I loved Ohio, the midwest feeling was great. People were so friendly and nice. I love moving around. I get a little panic stricken when I think of settling down. I love my house right now, not my neighborhood. It actually scares me to like my house so much.

  4. Linda,

    Right before Steve was given the opportunity to come to Michigan, I started feeling restless too. I wanted to stay in Utah though to see if I could stay in one place for awhile! Oh well...that's when change occurs, right, just when we think we're getting settled into something.

    I'm not a huge fan of the east coast, from my limited experience, BUT since I've only lived in PA, I would not tell others that another place is far better :)